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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Quiet Time Now Or Later

There is always something else to do before I sit down to quiet time.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Home Tour 2016

Welcome!  The very first batch of Christmas biscuits are fresh out of the oven

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Making Choices

Each day I choose, or at least, reaffirm, whose I am, and whom I serve.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Love And Control, Scheduling And Meal Planning - Child Discipline & Training

Mothering “Littles”

When our children were little we constantly heard the phrases like terrible twos and impossible threes.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Day Today 30.5.16

This morning is the first really cold morning for us.  It's been a late start but it's here now - Winter in Brisbane.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gone Mobile (And It's Not What You Think!)

Back in the day when Mathew and I first got a mobile phone we thought it was an innovation.  Imagine being able to call him any time of the day, anywhere we were.  What convenience!  For us living an hour's commute from the city, driving a long stretch of freeway each day to work and back, we also thought it was a safety factor.  We bought two handsets on a plan, got consecutive phone numbers which we have today - his number ends in 941, mine ends in 942 .. it works and we thought it was kind of neat.

But, the last couple of years or more really .. the "smartphone" has taken over.  Each handset in our experience only last about two years.  We are forced to upgrade and inevitably with each upgrade comes more features and innovation.  It's good, inexpensive and still 'neat'.  But the phone now is more of a computer, personal assistant, camera, calendar, banking device.  You can probably name it and it does it.  Hey, I think you can link the phone to turn your lights on at home and turn on the air conditioning or heat before you arrive when you've been out.

I have decided it is waaay too much in my hands, on my mind.  Each time I reach for it, use it, they are legitimate reasons.  To check my shopping list, to see if one of my children or Mathew need me. To transfer money in the bank, take a photo anywhere, anytime.  Make a note to remember later, schedule a bill to be paid or an appointment in the calendar.  Each of our email accounts come in on the phone.  Each of the items we are bidding on on Ebay give alerts too.  Even my favourite books are on there now.  They are cheaper to buy as a download and the range is better than the local book store.  And the list of reasons and usage goes on ....

"Muse" - to ponder, consider meditatively
"Amuse" - the opposite of "Muse" .
"Mobile" - capable of movement, easily moved or changed  

I believe the original concept of the mobile phone has evolved and is something else now.  Just another thing in this life to pre-occupy me, to amuse me.  Something to keep me in a tight cycle of self interest in good things but self interest regardless.  At its worst I'm talking temptation and idolatry.  Sounds a bit overly serious and negative but I'm calling it.  It's crook.

My heart has broken to see the looks on the little faces who can't speak for themselves in the prams and shopping trolleys because Mum or Dad are pre-occupied with this device in their hands, they aren't present, they aren't enjoying this moment, this child, this simple act of being together.  They are caught up in the world on the screen, the conversation on the screen.  Time for that later!  Be in the now, the every day, the simple.  This is where life happens!  And then, I'll pick up mine!  AAAaaagh.

In this world of social media we are more plugged in than ever.  Yet we are more disconnected than any generation before us.  True "mobile" is to be without hindrance, to have convenience so we can do more things, and do them better, and at once.  Yet, this hasn't happened.

  We want it all don't we?  Convenience and more.  It's never enough.  A vicious cycle, an enveloping whirlpool dragging us down.  Where to?  Self.  And something happens then.  All others are somehow less, an irritation.  It's called sin, we are all infected and contagious.  We can be forgiven but we are not immune.

So, I'm going mobile but it isn't what you think.  I'm giving myself a challenge and here it is:

I will go without this mobile phone for one week.  When I go out, it will be in the bottom of my handbag, not in a handy side pouch.  There for emergency if I run out of petrol etc., etc.  When and if I hear that "ding" or other sounds that announce a message, an email, a notification, I'll ignore it.  I will tell myself  I'll be home in a while.  I'll check in then.  If I miss an important "can you get ..... while you are out" I miss it.  The world won't stop.  If I miss a how are you text from someone, I miss it.  I'll say Hey! later probably within the hour.  If there is an emergency I'm sure they'll call.  I'll answer the call.  I'll have my shopping list on a piece of paper.

After the week I'm going to report what I missed, what went differently or wrong but most importantly how it was for me with no phone in my hand, no intent on checking this or that, how my attitude to my family was, how my time was spent and then, what I'm going to do about it.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

And, SnowBites!

Okay .. (so they are donuts, but little ones and handmade ..)

625g Plain Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
75g Butter
75g Sugar
1 Egg
1 Cup Milk


Rocky Road

Our famous Rocky Road - never disappoints is changeable and so much fun to make!

The basic recipe is:

400g dark chocolate
200g milk chocolate
250g mini marshmellows - interchangeable *
240g chocolate almonds - interchangeable *
150g Cherry Ripe (chopped) - interchangeable *
1/2 cup coconut

* For this rendition we interchanged with:

250g Smarties (M&Ms)
150g Gummi Bears

then carried on with the basic recipe.

TIP:  In winter, assemble and put in airtight container on the bench.  It will set fine.
In summer, put it in the fridge but bring it out 30 or more minutes prior to indulging - it will be too hard otherwise.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Getaway Trip

We packed our bags for a getaway night in town this past week.  We had a special Groupon deal at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Brisbane.

This is the breakfast eatery.  All you can eat.  It's a highlight.  The ultimate start to our new day together.

The valet takes the car and we don't have to worry about it.

Time for long talks, hot chocolates and chocolate.  Feet up, fun and easy conversation even though some of the current topics on the agenda were pretty heavy.  We have an agenda that seems to build itself when we know a getaway is in the making .. life throws up issues not all of them bad but needing to be discussed and decided upon, fleshed out, aired between us.

The rules are easy conversation, forgiveness, honesty, heart on the shoulder type words with a view to answers, closure, decisions and the commitment to stick to it and remain a united front.  

Dinner is always a highlight.  We went for Mexican this time.  We sat down at Eagle Street Pier.  After we had a slow walk back to our room via the river edge and the northern tip of the Botanical Gardens.  

We travelled home the next day via a new cafe Oliver Brown's at North Lakes.  Nice.  The best dark chocolate mocha I've had.  McCafe is kicked off the top rung yet at second place it's still pretty good.  

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This Week ...

At the shopping centre this morning, these two baby fawns.  So cute!

Our holiday food order arrived.

Mathew is home for two weeks!  So nice to have him home.

Loving pretty decorations on our family meal table.  This ornament is made from mismatched cup and saucer sets from my Grandmother from England.  Rather than let them sit unused in our sideboard, I took a tip from Pinterest and glued them together in this way to make a cup cake stand.  This way I get to enjoy them much more often and let their story be told.

Our tree this year.  I leave the curtain open at night and turn the lights on.  Gives those coming in late from work a nice welcome home feeling.

 In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Monday, November 23, 2015

Miss Emmeline @ 13

Every Wednesday we visit my parents to take them out to the store, Doctor's appointments and sometimes just for some friendship.
Emmeline and Phoebe share the privilege and come alternate weeks to do light housework for Gran.  This past week it was Emm's turn.  On arrival the cat from next door was lounging in the driveway.  An opportunity to cuddle!

Ann Street Presbyterian Church celebrating a thanksgiving dinner recently.  The children enjoyed pizza, entertainment and a movie.  What a treat and a blessing.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

According To My Own Labour

Every day for the past 20 years to the praise of God I have had a quiet time with my Lord and Saviour.  I miss some days, forget others but He calls me so quietly and reminds me.  He never lays guilt on me only the desire to share myself and my day and my time with Him.

As the seasons of life come and go and change, my times of study do too.  For the past little while I have taken to morning prayer times in the dark before dawn and the pitter, patter of not so little feet begins and a time of reading the Bible in the afternoons.  I leave my Bible in its Bible bag on the coffee table in the family room.  It's a witness to the children that this is a viable option of a book to read and not an old fashioned boring text I reef out of my handbag for Sunday services.  It's also a reminder of my commitment to read daily.

Bible study also takes place in groups.  Over the years this has been a perfect way to meet people and get to know them so much more and better than on a Sunday morning over a cup of tea and nice small, yet inevitably shallow, talk.   At present I am not in a group and I am suffering because of it.  That may be a good thing to schedule to begin and commit to weekly for 2016. 

You see I can notice when I'm not in a group, sharing and caring, praying and relating to other ladies at all stages of their walk with our Lord.

I know that ... "we are labourers together with God:  ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building."  1 Corinthians 3:9

As I work out my salvation - not by what I do as in good works, but by how I walk daily before God in communion, relationship with Him because of Christ blood shed for me - I am aware of the continual struggle to put Christ first and to face each temptation and trial in this life day by day trusting in Him alone.  Knowing, by faith, the outcome is for my good and that what He allows and plans for me is "well with my soul".

"Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is."  1 Corinthians 3:13

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are only as good as the evening before.  To get out on time takes just a few simple things to do the night before.  We like to put on our "Sunday best" for church.  If we were to meet the Queen at 10:00 we'd be on time and dressed in our best; how much more to meet with and worship the one true God!  We had things well in hand this week and there was even time for a picture update of us.  Love that!   Our daughter rang Dad for advice on tyre pressure for her car trip home next week.  Dad to the rescue.

But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth  me, that I am the LORD ..
Jeremiah 9:24 excerpt

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