Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Real Love Is

The internet is a great tool but a lousy master!  One of the people I like to follow and read is a man by the name of Dale Partridge.
He is a young husband and father who loves the Lord and has a special way of speaking "it" just how it is.  He doesn't shy away from hard topics and isn't afraid to stand for truth.  I recently read the following.  It's true.  I really wanted to have it noted somewhere and I thought I'd make a post of it here so I can recall it when I need to.  Life more and more causes me to make these boundaries Dale writes about, to have and exercise this "tough love".  There are no prizes for standing, in fact it's a lonely path often but it's the path I choose and I'm grateful to know about it and to see it.  Read on:

Love isn't all accepting, all tolerating, and all allowing. Love has boundaries. Because if we're not careful, we might begin loving things God hates.

Often times, love is hard conversations or putting your foot down or even pulling away from a relationship. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is not accept someone's addiction or lifestyle or bad decisions.

Sometimes pulling back is the only way to help others come forward.

So yes, love people. But don't let this culture's one-sided definition of love confuse you on what real love truly looks like.
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