Thursday, March 16, 2017

Only Good.

Many days parenting older children, I'm going to say it, teens, is difficult.
It's painfully difficult and very lonely.  Gone is my ability to take a training moment and round it up in prayer and hugs and those peaceable fruits of righteousness.  In their place is distance, dislike, disappointment and tension.

I find it so unsatisfactory that after so much early years' parenting and so much water under the bridge, we are still in this war of wills with those we love.  But it's a new day isn't.

Along with another day of sinful natures being exercised, is another day of God's great grace and wisdom.

Which will I focus on and wring my hands about.  Which truth of this life will I allow to flavor my thoughts and actions today in our home?

I choose the LORD.  Whom I believe and Whose I am.
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