Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's The Little Things I Do

Mathew and I went on a double date night last week at The Pancake Manor.
We sat in a booth and enjoyed the company of dear friends.  What a wonderful way to spend the evening.  We all chose Crepes and migrated to another Cafe down the road for al fresco Mochas and Churros.  By 10 ish, we walked back to the car park.  The city was ablaze with people, sounds and colours.  We walked and talked, shared and laughed.  Friendship and Fellowship is so good.  I never take it for granted and thank God for it daily.  

I drove with my two eldest sons recently.  I find myself tearing up at random points during the day and very often during a moment in time like this.  These are the last weeks I will have my Son home.  Small, fleeting moments in time like driving down the road with him are now pressing on me as important.  I'm reminded to take a photo with my phone and/or with my mind's eye and store it in my heart for the day he isn't here any more.  I'm being dramatic but I know me .. I need to prepare myself to handle myself.  Does that make sense?

And, ironically this is what my Son will be doing.  We travelled home on Sunday and had no less than 4 APCs travel beside us.   I'm grateful I live in this country, otherwise this scene would have been of concern!

Jedidiah and Mathew went on a Buds and Dudes Camp for Boys' Brigade this past weekend.  They had a great time and I think my youngest son grew a little .. he looks different this week.

Charlotte and I busted out of the house on Saturday.  It was a day that could only be described as "pretty".  It was warm but a cool breeze.  The sky was bright blue and the air dry.  Just lovely.

We opened the windows in the car and drove down to the sea.  We sat at The Bikini Beach Cafe, right by the roadside across from the Bay.  It was another one of those moments in time with an older child where you just want to reach across and catch up on their life and let them know how much you love them and how much you are interested in them.

A little light reading while Phoebe practises her ice skating techniques.

The two sisters travelled to see Adele earlier this month.  This was a big event!  They had the night of their lives.

Gran and I travelled to Ikea and I stopped to photo this table setting.  Truly nothing special but when I sit at their table settings I'm just entranced with how they set their tables and how it seems to flow so well, in terms of enjoying a meal setting and how they get so much onto a narrow table.

Just love the place mats and napkins here and the use of a wooden board as a serving area.

So, let's see.  Leaving and cleaving, friendship and parenting, home making and live entertainment.  All a part of my life this month.  Praise God for each moment!  The sad, the happy, the refreshment and the burdens.  That God for it all.

God help me to not only GO through it, 
but to GROW through it.
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