Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Summer Time, Mum And Me Time And It's Just Hot. February 19, 2017

One of my favourite places and a spot I photograph each and every time we visit.
I truly never tire of the sounds of the ocean, the smell of salt and the sea breeze in my face when we get out of the car in the car park and walk around to the Lagoon.

We found a narrow band of shadow underneath these Pandana Trees.  Paradise.  Once everyone sets up their towels and chair and walks into the water, I settle down and give thanks to God for this small piece of paradise He has shown me today!  A grateful heart!  The little things!!

Charlotte popped in for dinner this week.  Every night I try to set a nice family meal table.  It somehow encourages my heart to set a table and sit around it and talk of our day.  With children working and the comings and goings of casual rosters, I'm often one, two or more down in numbers but I set the table just the same.  This watering can and flower was my Valentine's gift this year (so sweet!) and the lantern was a gift many years ago from a dear friend.  Perfect!  This way all those I love are with me at the meal table at the end of each day.

I decided to seize the moment with Charlotte and we raced down to Coffee Club for an iced latte to celebrate a "Mum and Me" time.  While Charlotte was growing up, being my eldest daughter came with some fairly heavy burdens of home helps with household chores or child minding.  I set up a Mummy and Me time once a month to help relieve any unnecessary pressure on her and to give an allowance in reply to her hard work as the oldest of six children.

I want each of my daughters to delight to be a home maker, wife, mother, daughter.  It has always occurred to me that if we don't encourage this at an early age, being a wife and mother can seem like second prize or something to do while you are waiting for your "career" to take off .. such an upside down viewpoint but that's this world .. upside down.

Well it is February so what can we expect but oh my! this Summer is long and hot. 

Phoebe is well into Skate School on Saturdays.  It's a wonderful family event with literally ALL ages learning together.

The rink is obviously cold so that should be a draw card in February in Queensland!  I manage to sit in on her class and then practise session.  That's one hour sitting in a cold fridge.  I'm a little frozen when walking back to the car.

We continue to travel to the vet weekly.  Just one more visit to go.  We stopped via McDonalds this week to bring Budd home and Sophie enjoyed a free iced water.  I wondered whether health regulations would stop us but no one seemed to be bothered by dear Sophie.  Obviously we sat outside where there weren't so many people and tried to mind our manners.  Well, I did.  Sophie lapped her water ferociously, spilt some then sat in the puddle ... I told myself she was cooler this way.

From one Mother to another, have a blessed week.  Walk and work in your fields with joy and peace in believing!  Many days the work is mundane, boring even but someone is watching!  Let's continue to point to Christ, to truth and to life.  Let's seek to forgive others and ourselves.  Let's confess our sins to God daily, repent and be glad.  

Let's love one another just as He loves us!

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another.

John 13:34-35
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