Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Simplicity.  What is that?  It's a word that if I say it over and over again, I begin to not
be able to pronounce it.  I recently read a quote from a book about "simplicity".  It isn't a topic that stands out as something I "seek" or feel is missing in my life.  I'm the king of "keeping it simple".  If you know me away from this blog, you will know that I'm very big on living one.day.at.a.time and, that I can only see ahead for the same amount of time.  (I have a new calendar in the kitchen this year which promises to help me plan ahead a little better and see into the future of our busy days).

Yet, the notion of "what is simplicity" intrigued me.  I have read posts which get very flowery about our inner peace and things.  Quite frankly, they lose me.  It's like one of those terrible dreams you have when you fall asleep again around 6 am and wake later.  You should have gotten out of bed at the 6 am mark.  Now you are "exhausted"! 

So, I read this on this subject and it intrigued me.

"Simplicity is one of the ancient spiritual disciplines, one involving both the material existence and the inner world of a believer.
A legalistic system listing what one may possess or do, is never at the heart of simplicity.

Rather, it is to love God first, to be rooted in Him, gladly dependent upon Him for sustenance.

Simplicity is not to grasp but rather to receive – possessions, relationships, prosperity – from His hand."  Richard J. Foster

I love that:  not to grasp but rather to receive.  All we need is with our Father God.  Right now it is available if only we would "receive".  I'm going to chew on this and make sure that daily I am not so much grasping even in the most righteous ways but, simply receiving what He already has, is and will be.  
I'm reminded of two phrases from the Bible:
Jesus Christ, the same today, yesterday and tomorrow and,
all things, from Him, through Him and to Him.

Love that!  Diane xx
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