Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dog Days, New School Year, Date Time And Enlistment. February 2017

My darling Sophie turned 7 this week.
This dog is my shadow and my faithful friend.  She is never far from my feet.  Never.  I recently shared about her journey with Arthritis.  She is well into her vet visit regime and doesn't utter a sound for her injections with Dr. Paul.  I think she is getting used to the car too.  Our vet is 40 minutes' drive away.  Well worth the trip once we get there.

Mathew and I went to Jimmy's on the Mall in Brisbane for a date moment together recently.  It was hot, so hot, but we sat upstairs and there seemed to be a breeze when we didn't think we could stand it any longer.  You know the feeling of sitting on that cafe stool with sweat running down your legs and you swear the back of your dress is drenched and you will leave a puddle when you stand up .. yeh, that hot.

We love our Brisbane but the climate is rugged, that's just that.

This was my darling husband's take on "I can't have anything just a fizzy water please" ... Bless him!

One of Sophie's odyssey journeys to the vet.  This time we stopped by the stores, parked undercover and kept the air con running while Phoebe raced in and did some shopping.

With gratitude to God, fear and trepidation laced with trust in the Lord and of His ways, I can announce our Budd has been accepted into the Australian Army.

He will leave in April.  How in the world do I prepare my heart for that .. one day at a time, that's how.  My eyes are focused on Christ, who He is and what He says.  I feel like an enormous wave is looming up behind me, growing taller and taller.  I have all the right equipment on, I just have to ride the wave.  And you know, I just know it will go peacefully under me.  That's life with Jesus Christ as my God.

Well the new school year began.  This is my 18th year of homeschooling!  It is always good to start a new year, to get the books and pencils out again and for me, to set the table out a little different each year and have very small changes in ways to keep the practical side of homeschooling fresh.

The Book Fair gave me a couple of resources for story reading this year.  My youngest is not a reader.  He can read well but he has never liked to be read to or to read.  It's been a struggle and he misses out on the comfort and relaxation that is story time and reading time.  This year allowing for his own natural bent, I want to increase his exposure to good and interesting reading material.

Yes! Go beyond seeking Him - Expect!  I like that.  He never, ever, ever disappoints.

A slice of life around here this February! Diane xx
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