Thursday, January 12, 2017

Family Photos, A Date Night And A New Home Is Born, 12.1.17

We travelled to the other side of town last month for a new family portrait session.  It was quite the jaunt because the weather all day threatened rain and storms.

Our photographer Anne, rang me and didn't know what to do as we were coming a long way for the shoot.  It was cloudy but dry in our neck of the woods but that could change in a few minutes.  We decided to push through and go.

It rained most of the way.  I wondered whether this was a colossal fail.  Because my parents don't get out much we left with enough time to take them to see where Mathew is currently contracted to work.  I think it seemed like we had driven to the end of the world for them.  Pa frequently wanted to know if we were lost.  He was serious.

Apparently cloud favours the photographer but of course, not the rain.

We arrived at the park lands and met Anne who was equipped with nothing more than a blanket and camera bag ... it was the quality of the equipment that impressed not the initial appearance.

It took time to frame the photograph and to get all the "lines" smooth.  It looks like we sat down and snapped a few pics but it was orchestrated and posed and loads of laughs and even frustrations in between.

Pa is in a wheelchair every time we go out now and these pictures are taken on a fairly steep and grassy hill.  I don't know what we would have done without Budd to muscle the wheelchair and a far less sturdy walker/chair for Gran up those grassy hills.  We had some laughs I can tell you.

The shoot took a little while, there was a bride down the hill doing the same.  I really love this photo.  Makes me fall in love with my Mathew all over again.  There is a tenderness, affection here I read.  Special.  Taking this shot had us both remembering our wedding photos some 25 years ago now .. how can that be!

It rained all the way home, heavy, squally rain.  Quite the expedition, three cars, 10 people. 

I'm literally in love with these memories.  I'll use these shots over and again.  I love our family, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the tragedies but I can say, I give it all to Jesus Christ.  My thanks, my worship, my hopes and dreams, everything that is good and everything that is broken.  To Him alone be all the glory.  Really.

 Friday night was date night.  We travelled past the busy Redcliffe restaurants with crowds overflowing onto the roadside tables and chairs and headed via my favourite drive to Scarborough Beach.  We ate at Fin Fresh.  It was divine.  It was quiet too.

After dinner we headed for some late night grocery shopping.  The kind of shopping where we race in 30 minutes before closing and enjoy some last minute bargains, chat with relaxed (just starting their shift) night staff and yes, some empty shelves but I digress.  It was nice.  Sometimes we hold hands as we stroll the food aisles with the shopping trolley .. too much.  Maybe! But these are the stuff joyful and peaceful marriage 'tis made of.

Charlotte's new apartment is coming on so well.  A new home is being born.  It's an extension of this one.  It will take memories and sharing to make it a home.  We started on the memories this past week with a working bee and promised pizza lunch for brothers to do the heavy work and Dad to put together some of the flat pack furniture from Ikea.

This weekend is a house warming afternoon tea with friends.  More memories to be made and times to be shared.

Now for some curtains .....

Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
Proverbs 16:19

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