Friday, December 16, 2016

Our Days Lately

How grateful am I for godly friends for my girls!
Lily came ice skating with Phoebe and Emmeline.  Budd joined them after work.

Each day I read my Bible and pray.  Some days I colour in my Bible and muse on the passage I just read.  Often I read, pray and move on.  Mostly, I sit in the special chair and place and every time I'm blessed to do it.

Reading this quote above has resonated with me.  Let me move what I read from my head to my heart.  Let me read not for my conscience's sake but for my soul's sake.  Yes, Lord.

Who knew, one phone call one Thursday afternoon from a long lost friend.  Thank God for the perseverance of the saints .. in this case, the perseverance of an old friend to track us down and ring and see if we are still around.  As with brothers and sisters in Christ, the fellowship was as if we only saw him last month.  It was good.  Mathew and I are both so encouraged and refreshed.  Bless those who unashamedly put pride and position aside and love the brethren.  May I do the same.

Hair cuts for Christmas holiday times!

How sweet was this to pop into my phone and handbag during a shopping expedition recently!

Christmas baking.

Charlotte is moving into her own apartment on December 15.  We are moving..again..but this time we will employ a removalist as well.  Luxury!

Summer is here and we are hot.  True to Queensland though, it's cooled off these past several days.  Just when you think you can't stand it any longer it cools off.  Grace.

School reports are generated and all the filing is done!   Weeeeeeee!!!!!!

The storms are here.  Almost daily at times.  I've decided if I don't race around and move the outdoor furniture and put washing in, maybe we'll get some good rain ....

The simple, meaningful reminder of this time of year.  The spotlight, the focus - Christ Jesus.

Thunder booms, lightning cracks, rain drowns out conversation and the Christmas tree twinkles.

Waiting for the next storm.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years
Genesis 1:14

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