Thursday, November 10, 2016


Birthdays, trips down memory lane for me, six-a-side soccer, Summer and new traditions.

Actually, what's been going on at our Heralds' Nest.

Happy Birthday to Kathryn!  A mid week dinner to celebrate a dear friend of our family.

Jedidiah played Battalion Six-a-Side Soccer for the 48th Brisbane Boys' Brigade Company.  His position was goalkeeper.  As always, it's wonderful for he and Dad to get out together just the guys.  There's usually something to eat on the way home for a treat.  I think they both enjoy that equally!

Remember the outdoor area I want to repurpose, relive and use?  It's up and running.  I've devised Saturday afternoon drinks and nibbles at 4.  Each week I'm trying new cheese combinations with crackers and dip, drinks and savoury snacks.  So far everyone is humouring me and coming together just because I said so ... ever wanting to connect with my young adults and enjoy each other's company, keeping on the same page as they go through the seasons of life.

Phew, you think the toddler stages are busy, they are, but it's different.  This stage of life is torrid.  

My eldest turned 23.  Apart from celebrating Charlotte's birthday it occurred to me to stage a small celebration privately for me.  I've been a Mother now for 23 years!  Oh, I remember my dreams and hopes, vision and beliefs.  They haven't all turned out the way I planned but my passion and my faith, first, sees me on.  One day at a time.

I remember this day in the Botanical Gardens I was having what I now know to be those Braxton Hicks contractions. 

A little girl.  A daughter.  I still remember the look on Mathew's face this day when he came through the hospital room door to visit us on Day Two.  The pride, tenderness, happiness and trust on his face still makes me kind of love him more today and then, humble, when I think about how God put the two of us together and then gave us a child.

Summer is here.  Well, just about ..  The Jacaranda Tree in our back yard is lovely.

Love the purple carpet on the grass under the tree.

Sophie.  My protection dog.  Never more than a foot from my feet.  Never.

And now, Charlotte is 23.  I have grown up so very much.  Life is better now, different.  Mathew and I always say that these are the golden years, these days today.  They're different, they're hard and sometimes they are sad days but God is so good and I couldn't love Him more.  I think that's great!

I thank God for the gift of gratitude, hope and perseverance.

Birthdays are the one day for each of us where we celebrate one another.  A Turner Party Day is a happy day.

Then Pa, my Dad, turned 89!  An impromptu mid week lunch!  Dad doesn't get out much and needs a lot of help mobilising.  Budd was my rock this day and it was wonderfully encouraging to see him care for his Grandfather.

Extended family is a rich field for training children to love others and think of the preciousness of others.  We haven't had the opportunity for much of that.  Pa's birthday was an opportunity.

My week that was, actually, lots of happiness, some weariness, some despair but not for long.  One day at a time, as unto the Lord.  Then, joy comes in the morning.  It really does.

By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another.

John 13:35
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