Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Inspiration, Saturday work-around-the-house day, outing for Gran and Pa.  The little things that made up this past week for me, actually!

We went to a dinner party on Friday night.  It was a beautiful dinner with friends.  I was so blessed to be invited and with the effort our hostess went to.  While we are in different stages of life, I could take much encouragement and inspiration with how she arranged the meal, the table and what was served.  I don't take hospitality for granted.  It's sadly rare and such a personal way to love one another.  Once upon a time I was very busy in this ministry not so for the last several years.  Friday night has me all excited and confident to go again.  I re-purposed this table above from our garage porch to our back porch.  It is old but cheerful.  This photo doesn't do it the world of justice but from my kitchen doors, this is a lovely sight.  I'm planning now bits and pieces for this outdoor space which has stood fairly empty for a little while.  It isn't weather proof sadly and the cost to make it so just isn't in our budget.  With this in mind though, I'm game to simply furnish and equip it to make a place to share a meal very soon!

Slow cooker potato bake.  Peeled and sliced potatoes and sweet potatoes, grated cheese, garlic, bacon and garlic aioli sauce in layers.  4 hours on High.  Voila!  It was tasty and creamy.  One of the best parts was it had the kitchen smelling divine all Saturday afternoon.  The slow cooker always makes me feel in control in the kitchen.  If dinner is underway then my day is on time.  When dinner is underway in this appliance at 0900 in the morning - well, I'm just very happy!

Older children were all busy outside mowing and doing garden work and Jedidiah just wanted to be helpful so I set him to cleaning out the bottom level of our pantry.  Children just want to be helpful and included.  Give them a job, give them the guidelines and let them go.  Within their limitations of course.  A small job like this was messy and heavy but he loved it and then decided to climb inside the pantry and hide for awhile ...

Adore moving furniture for an extra special vacuum session.  This is before the mat was deep cleaned.  Ragdoll cats and black labrador hair means I do this often.

Emmeline nearly mowed this guy into the grass.  Yikes.  So glad she saw him.  He arrived at the back door proudly to be shown off.  He very patiently had his photo taken by many, was filmed for Instagram and then put back in a tree near where he was found.  He was a patient lizard.

Friday, my usual day with my Mum and Dad, was extra special because we took Pa out too.  Pa doesn't get out very often at all.  There still isn't anything like a toasted sandwich and a good iced coffee at a simple cafe.  A cafe I'll add here, that isn't in the very middle of a busy shopping centre thoroughfare ...  what is that? where are the good ole' cafes with booths and cosy eating areas away from the madding crowds and simply smelling of good coffee and traditional food.  Anyway, that's my week.  How was yours?

A simple life with never a dull moment.  One day at a time as unto the Lord.  With quietness and His grace first.

Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.

Proverbs 17:1
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