Monday, August 1, 2016

Lately ...

Our new journalling Bibles came from  
When my daughters saw my Bible they immediately wanted one too!  What an unexpected blessing to this Mother!  This past Sunday we sat along the pew each with our own journalling Bible open on our laps.  I was sooo tempted to take the phone out and take a picture but ... more important things to be doing right!

I have dedicated each Bible to each daughter with a special inscription.  When I went to order the Bibles they had these dark pink ones which have a sweet rose pattern embossed on the spine.  It is so pretty and feminine.

This morning was a usual Monday morning of school work.  Just had to snap this picture of our beloved "P.J".  He sits atop the school work box most of the time if Mittens the cat doesn't nab the position first.

P.J was in the flowers that my sister sent to the hospital when Jedidiah was born.  He has special memories for me.  He and Jed have been firm friends since really.  He is much loved, much repaired and restuffed a couple of times.  Many a night the cry has gone out "where's PJ?" because Master Jed can't find him.  Thank God, really, we have always found him.  He is lost less so these days of course.  Jed is 10 but this PJ is still in his affections.  You will find him in the car, parked down in the car park any Sunday morning waiting for Jed.

Prayer and faith.  To differentiate between the two.  Prayer and worry may go hand in hand some days or as part of a knee jerk reaction but Prayer and faith - that's the combination I must remember.  To continue fretting, worrying isn't to have that faith, trust or indeed may mean I haven't really given it (my prayer subject) to the LORD in prayer.  Lots of prayer in this current season of life for me to practise this discipline on.

Another scorching sermon yesterday (click on the LINK HERE) from Ann Street Presbyterian Church in Brisbane.  Our minister Rev. David Jones is a blessing to this city.  A man after God's own heart with spirit driven faith and biblical knowledge.  A rare time for Brisbane and one I'm very conscious will come to an end in the Lord's schedule.  God's Word, (the good Word in the truest sense of the word), moves on.  Perhaps it is too precious and rare to stay in one place for long these days.

I'm a writer in my Bible.  I've met those who would never write in their Bible.  Yesterday like any other day, I wrote, underlined, highlighted, circled and marked down quotes (such as the one above!).  So grateful for the rich table the Lord has put me at to feast on.

May I indeed feast, learn and grow only to pass on the riches.  To bring God the glory and encourage others.

So, Lately ... lots of prayer, lots of waiting, patient routine keeping, gratitude.  Thank you Lord for my life, for you. xx
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