Thursday, June 2, 2016

Raising Sons of the King

Raising young men, Sons of our God and King is a serious business.  There is no help from outside our home walls only temptation to them and to us as parents.  We chose to homeschool our children, I am still homeschooling today with three more bright minds who long and search this earth for interest, fun and meaning.  We never wanted to isolate them but we did believe we were to insulate them against the cold, hard world outside.  Insulation laced with truth and love and grace.

How could a child cope in this world without knowing the ultimate truth that they are loved and called to be the chosen of the one true God.  Knowledge that was so often too lofty for them to appreciate and put into practice yet day by day yet we continue to uplift them in prayer and instruction.

It has been said:

A strong home culture of faith and love gives strength to resist the powerful draw of a secular world
- Sally Clarkson

This weekend we celebrate Budd graduating from our minimum education standard here at home.  He will go on yet to College but this weekend will mark the half way mark for us.  Three high school graduates and three more to go.  God give me the strength and grace and the Love!

Just for fun because, sometimes, you have to just laugh .....
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