Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Every single time I race around with my phone to take a picture of my handsome two eldest sons, they scatter.  This morning they kinda thought better of it ... don't know why, but I gave silent thanks to God.  I really value picture of our days together, every Sunday morning I am blessed afresh when I see them present their best for our church service not because we want to look like we are anything but because they want to present themselves as their best.  If that's a clean, pressed t-shirt then so it is. 
 Our heart shows through in our outward presentation.

So here they are.  It took one second and I was happy!  Now just to get them ALL together in one place for one moment in time ... psst! they have agreed to have a photo shoot together next week whilst I'm away - I asked Charlotte to take over the planning.  It will be my Mothers' Day gift.  Isn't that a good idea!
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