Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Making Of Men - Book Review

Reading this book in our season of raising godly young men.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  For parents or a parent of any age son this is for you.  It isn't a Christian book yet can be read and appreciated with loads of practical application, not to mention wisdom and excellent research to learn from.

Do you ever worry about your teenage son and what will become of him?
Do you want to see him happy, successful and excited about life?
Are you alarmed about the influence of technology on his life?
Do you wonder how the enthusiastic and energetic kid who made you laugh, drove you nuts with questions and was into everything, seemingly overnight turned into a grunting teenager, unwilling or unable to communicate?
If these questions concern you, or if you've answered yes to any of them, this book is for you.

Father of two boys Dr Arne Rubinstein draws on his thirty years' experience working with teenagers. He reveals what happens to boys during adolescence, what you can do about it as a parent or carer, how you help them stay out of trouble, and what you need to do to ensure they grow up to be a happy, healthy and well-adjusted men.

Packed with insights, practical tips and honest, no-nonsense wisdom. Find out more about The Making of Men on Dr Arne Rubinstein's website, or on social media sites facebook, twitter, linkedin.

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